The Mystery Card v.2 (new version) is now available!

The new improved version of the Mystery Card is ready and available here! There are 4 more effects included, so this is the ONLY product on the market which allows you to do 17 (!!) effects with a single credit card. You get FREE worldwide shipping on this product!

Also – the text part on the face of the credit card is now in white colour (instead of the silver stamp), so nothing can be peeled off and practically the card will be a lifetime!

Really high quality product (as a regular credit card) with a lot of powerful magic/mentalism effects.

See more and get it – just click HERE.

One Response to The Mystery Card v.2 (new version) is now available!

  1. Alain C. says:

    I just have received mine. One word – FANTASTIC! I can not believe that such a versatile magic/mentalism prop cost only 15 Euro. I have also Loyalty by Paul Brook. It is with 3 effects only but it’s price is double…
    The Mystery Card v.2 has 17 effects and is very high quality product and my best purchase for 2017 till now.

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