Houdini Card (new)

The Houdini Card is a beautiful and unique combination of art, magic and history! It includes several magic/mentalism effects, but also something very special. Under the laminate of the card you will find a piece of authentic wood from the famous Harry Houdini’s New Your City house! So now you can keep a piece of history in your wallet and to be ready to perform a mini magic/mentalism show anywhere at any time!

With Houdini Card you can read spectator’s mind, demonstrate powerful intuition, influences and predictions. The card not only includes an authentic piece of Houdini’s home, but the design includes also photos of original items owned by the legendary magician. Just imagine what storytelling demonstrations you can perform with it!

The set includes:

– a card with special design and piece of Houdini house wood

– a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

– instructions of several magic/mentalism effects

– access to a facebook group for sharing ideas, videos, stories etc.

You will love to have the Houdini Card in your wallet everywhere with you and to be ready to perform wonderful storytelling magic/mentalism demonstrations at any time!


Price: 35 eur (5 eur shipping)