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  1. Keith says:

    I am interested in mental card. Can you tell me about the animations that are forced? Do you use your own camera on your phone and point it at card to “activate” the animated card and ESP symbol?

    • Hektor says:

      Hi. The Virtual Reality animations appears on your phone by using an app. The app is free, so you can install it very easy. After that just put the card on front of your phone’s camera and the spectator can see how the card start transforms on the phone’s screen.
      It is very visual and easy. The same app is also used for the Houdini Spirit Board so this is very practical.
      The Mental Card includes many different magic/mentalism effects. 25 are explained in the manual.

      • Anthony S Bruno says:

        Hi! Hektor I purchased Mental Card and when I went on Google Play store for android. There is no app “HP REVEAL”. Please advise. Thanks TonyB

        • Hektor says:

          Hi Toni. Now we have our own app for Android OS which is free and can be used for Mental Card and Houdini Spirit Board. It was announced in our private facebook group “Magic and Mentalism by Hektor” which is for all our customers. Or if you want – contact me via email hektormagic@abv.bg and I will send you the app download link.

  2. Walter E McGurn says:

    Hektor I was just watching video of the new dated Mental Card, and the peek card, and was wondering when they will be available? All help is appreciated.

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Walter. The different options for customization of the Mental Card are already available (there is a n youtibe demo video published also in my facebook group: Magic and Mentalism by Hektor).
      About the new peek device – UniPeek – the official release will be probably in June or July, but I have some limited stock even now. So if you are interested you can contact me via email hektormagic@abv.bg or facebook (my personal facebook is registered with the email dkostadinov@abv.bg).

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