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Welcome to HektorMagic!

Thanks for visiting my website! Here You will find many magic/mentalism effects and props. All products are high quality, practical, powerful and easy to learn. With the "Mystery wallet" series You will have always with You a WHOLE MAGIC SHOW in Your wallet. The "Mystery wallet" series includes: "Mental Card", "Mystery Card (v.2)", "Mystery Calendar" and "Houdini Spirit Board"

UniPeek – now available!

An innocent looking universal peek device which you can keep in your wallet.
It includes two different peeks and one additional bonus function for a Magic square type effects.
Now you don’t need special peek wallets, envelopes etc. The UniPeek works perfect in combination with any wallet, any envelope, any business cards, id cards, driving licenze or propless – just put it in your pocket!

MENTAL CARD – the best magic/mentalism credit card ever!

I am really excited to share that the best magic/mentalism credit card is already available. This is the only such a prop which includes 25 (!) effects and you can have it always with you in your wallet.

It is similar like the Mystery Card v.2 but with many improvements: looks more realistic (we worked very hard for the design and carefully selected the shape and color of each detail), more hidden signs and effects are included, there are also two Virtual Reality animations on both card sides, the front letters and serial number are embossed and also there is an option the performer’s real name to be printed on the card (instead of the “Your name” gag).

New: Houdini Spirit Board with Virtual Reality

The Houdini Spirit Board is now with included Virtual Reality! The spectator can see how Harry Houdini appearing on the spirit board holding the selected card! Just put the spirit board in front of your smartphone camera and watch on the screen.

If you already have the Houdini Spirit Board via email of facebook and I will send you instructions how to install the FREE app.

You can also become a member of the facebook secret group Magic and Mentalism by Hektor.

The Mystery Card v.2 (new version) is now available!

The new improved version of the Mystery Card is ready and available here! There are 4 more effects included, so this is the ONLY product on the market which allows you to do 17 (!!) effects with a single credit card. You get FREE worldwide shipping on this product!

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