Houdini Pocket Seance (new)

A whole Spirit Seance show in your pocket! With this set you can perform a lot of routines and to build up to 30 min show!

All needed props fits in a small case which you can keep in your pocket.

The included routines and props are thematically connected to the great Harry Houdini.


The set includes:

  • special mini spirit board
  • special playing cards (stacked and marked)
  • pendulum
  • Houdini’s business cards
  • wooden stick and silk
  • eco leather case
  • instructions

With these props you can perform so many routines. You can choose which are your favourites and to include them in your show depending your style and needs. The set is perfect for close up demonstrations but can be used even for parlor shows.


  • easy routines
  • easy to keep in your pocket
  • no electronics
  • no difficult moves
  • no angle restrictions
  • quick reset
  • perfect set for almost any close up and parlor situations
  • perfect for quick 5-10 min demonstrtions and also for up to 30 min complete show

Limited  edition Р45 sets only! 


Price: 45 eur (FREE shipping for orders till 31.10.2021 – Halloween)