Mystery Card v.2

17 (!) effects with a single credit card! A whole magic act in your wallet! This new version of the Mystery Card allows you to do a great magic/mentalism show really anywhere and anytime! And you get FREE shipping on this product!

“The Mystery Card is always in my wallet!” – Gogo Requiem

“They looks like an excellent magic/mentalist tools. The props are beautifully produced.” – Peter Duffie (about the Mystery Card and Mystery Calendar)

“Wow… A whole magic act with a single credit card!” – Trezor

“This is all in one prop magic show. Pack small, plays big. And you keep it in your wallet.
You are ready instantly to start performing everywhere you need. Knowing Hektor for many years you sure will be satisfied with this prop!” – Peter Sharkov on Penguinmagic

“I’ve got this recently and it is amazing! You can do a ton of effects. It has a few reveals of playing cards, a prediction and some top-notch mentalism. Takes a single slot in my wallet. And it’s dirt cheap as well!” – Jordan Georgiev on Penguinmagic


You can start with some of the three included gags – the perfect ice-breaker!

Then you can continue with a lot of magic/mentalism effects:
– predict selected symbols, numbers, cards;
– force words, numbers or cards in different ways…

With the Mystery Card you can make card tricks even WITHOUT a deck of cards!

Or you can combine it with your deck of cards for two easy but extremely powerful effects!

Important points:
• Easy to master and even easier to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• The credit card may be presented from both sides
• Don’t leave home without it!


What you get:
– a special credit card
– booklet with instructions
– online support via email

The Mystery Card is the first product of the Mystery Wallet series. You can check also for the Mystery Calendar and Houdini Spirit Board.

The MysteryCard looks like but is not a real credit card. It is a magic prop, with no magnetic stripe data contained. It should be used solely for entertainment purposes. It is not affiliated with nor endorsed by MasterCard or any other bank institution.


Price: 15.95 EUR  (FREE shipping!)



2 Responses to Mystery Card v.2

  1. Hans Joachim Walter says:

    is it possible to get it with my name? What does this cost?
    Best regards
    Hans Joachim Walter

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Hans. The Mystery Card v.2 can NOT be customized with your real name. But the new special credit card (Mental Card) CAN!
      Mental Card is much better, looks more like real credit card and includes more effects and features.
      If you want it with your real name on it, please contact me via email:

      I already sent you an email.

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