Mystery Calendar

About 10 tricks with a single pocket calendar! A whole magic/ mentalism act always with you!

“It looks like an excellent magic/mentalist tool.” – Peter Duffie

“Always together – the Mystery Calendar, the Mystery Card and my wallet!” – GoGo Requiem

“I was really happy with the Mystery Card, but this is a piece of work. It has a TON of goodies around the zodiac, getting birthdays, and even card predictions and looks super innocent. Must buy!” – Jordan Georgiev on Penguinmagic

With the Mystery Calendar you can:
– find spectator’s zodiac sign and Birthday;
– force different playing cards;
– predict selected cards, numbers, symbols;
– combine it with card tricks.

With the Mystery Calendar you can do also three card/calendar tricks by Peter Duffie:
– Centrifugal diary (Peter Duffie)
– The flexible diary (Robin Robertson & Peter Duffie)
– Freedom diary (Peter Duffie & Also Colombini)

Important points:
• Easy to master and even easier to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• Can be always with you


What you get:
– a special pocket calendar
– booklet with instructions
– online support via email

The Mystery Calendar is the second product of the Mystery Wallet series. Check out also for the Mystery Card and other products which coming soon!

Mystery wallet series – make your wallet full with magic/mentalism tricks with just few ordinary looking special tools such as credit card, pocket calendar and business card!


Price: 15 EUR

Shipping: 3 EUR  (FREE shipping with Combo pack – see Promotions)



2 Responses to Mystery Calendar

  1. Walter E. McGurn says:

    Hektor just was wondering when to expect My Mental Card, and Mystery Calender?

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Walter. They was shipped few days ago. Check your email for the tracking code.

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