Houdini’s Legacy

The Houdini’s Legacy is a brand new special and limited edition product. The set includes an authentic piece from Houdini’s house and beautiful props which allows you to demonstrate a nice magic/mentalism effect.

Here is the effect: you take out of the box three wooden boards with a question marks on them, two wooden portraits of Houdini and his wife Bess and a small vial with pieces of original brick from their New York City house. Using his intuition and a secret message the participant decide on which position will place both portraits and the brick pieces. At the end we turn all boards and find out the there are three perfect matches! The symbols at the back side of portraits and the boards where they were placed creates a perfect couples and the brick pieces are placed exactly on the board which have the Houdini’s house address written on the back!

The method is clever and almost self working so you can concentrate on your presentation and the story about Houdini’s legacy!

The Houdini’s Legacy set includes:

– Pieces of original Houdini’s New York City house brick;

– numbered Certificate of authenticity;

– six wooden boards – two portraits and symbols, 3 question marks and symbols, secret messages;

– wooden box and bag; – copy of Houdini’s business card;

– video instructions.

The Houdini’s Legacy is a limited edition and the first batch is only 15 units! Probably no more than 50 sets will be ever made!  


Price: 80 eur & FREE Shipping.