Multi Lock

A combination brass padlock which allows you to perform many versatile and powerful mentalism routines!



With the Multi Lock you can demonstrate:

Mind Reading, Mind Control, Predictions and Intuition.

It is perfect for Close Up, Parlour and Stage shows.


Luca Volpe: “The Multi Lock have a cool feature which I didn’t seen in other padlocks until now. It allows you to do different kind routines. It is very clever and good quality. It absolutely will go into my Lock repertoire! If you like such a kind of routines and want to add something new I suggest you to take it.”

Krum Krumov – Trezor: “All I can say is that the Multi Lock is amazing, super quality and the effects are great!”


5 routines are included. Here are 3 of them:

1. Invisible Connection
The participant chooses a random two digit number which is only in his mind. All other people in the audience are invited also to think for some random two digit number. Then the participant using his intuition selects one of them. Now he opens the box which is in his hands since the beginning of the experiment and finds there a combination padlock which he checks is locked. Now for the first time both participants say out loud the numbers which are in their minds and that way they create a four digit combination. Surprisingly this is the correct combination out of 10.000 possible variants which unlocks the padlock!
2. Date Revelation
All people in the audience think for some special date which makes them happy. Everything is only in their minds. The performer mentally connects with them and selects one lady. He invites her to join him on the stage where he reads her mind and locking a combination padlock preparing the unlocking code to be the same like the number corresponds to the date which he founds in her mind. Then for the first time she says out loud which is the date in her mind and… this is the exact number which unlocks the padlock!
3. Extreme intuition
A participant is invited on the stage. There he takes a combination padlock from a box. He checks that it is locked and using his intuition he start to guess one by one each digit from the code. When he is ready with all 4 digits he tries to open the lock but it doesn’t opens. Then the performer explains that before the show he had a vision that the participant in this experiment will find the correct numbers but will place them in wrong order. So he open again the box and there is written his prediction message: “Please switch the places of the 2nd and 3rd digits”. The participant follows the instruction and the new number really opens the padlock!


The padlock can be used for dates, years and random numbers.

You get in the package:

– the Multi Lock

– Box

– Bag

– Several stickers

-Video and written instructions

Limited edition, only 50 units were made.


Price: 100 eur & FREE shipping