Houdini Brick Pendulum (New)

A beautiful set with pendulum filled with pieces of original brick from Harry Houdini’s New York City house! It is something wonderful for collectors, mentalists, bizarre magicians and storytellers.

The set includes:

– Houdini Brick Pendulum;

– Pendulum board;

– numbered Certificates of authenticity;

– Specially prepared photos with marked backs hidden in the logo;

– Several mentalism routines;

– specially made wooden box and bags;

– Houdini’s business card (which is similar like his original cards);

– written and video instructions;

– Membership for the private group with info and ideas about all HektorMagic’s products – “Magic and Mentalism by Hektor”.


There are several routines which you can perform with the set:

Birthday connection

Pendulum connection

Find spectator’s photo

The energy of the Houdini’s house

Death time


International Escapology Day Promotion:

From 21 to 24 September the price is 80 eur only (you save 20 eur!), FREE Shipping.