About me

Hektor is a Bulgarian magician and since 2001 he is an award winner of many magic competitions:

  • European and 6th Balkan Magic Festival – Sofia 2008: 1st Prize in Card magic and Special Prize in Manipulations;
  • 5th Balkan Magic Festival – Istanbul 2006: 3rd Prize in Close Up magic and Special Prize in Manipulations;
  • 4th Balkan Magic Festival – Sofia 2004: 2nd Prize in Manipulations;
  • Magic Festival – Sofia 2003: Golden Cylinder;
  • 3rd Balkan Magic Festival – Belgrade 2002: 3rd Prize in Manipulations;
  • National Magic Festival – Smolyan 2001: Special Prize of the Jury.

Since 2016 Hektor is also a creator of magic products. Here you will find many great magic products and how you can get them. He is a proud creator of the “Mystery Wallet series” which includes several powerful multi effects magic/mentalism props (such as a special credit card, a pocket calendar and a mini pocket size spirit board). You can carry them always with you in your wallet or pocket and will be ready to present a whole magic show anytime and everywhere.