Houdini Spirit Board

More than 10 powerful mentalism effects with a mini Spirit board (credit card size) using details of Harry Houdini’s life!

With this wonderful new prop You can:

  • read spectator’s mind
  • control their choices
  • do many different forces – cards, numbers, symbols
  • use different secret messages and features
  • combine it with deck of cards and other magic tools

You really use many real details of the Houdini’s life – his Date of Birth, Date of Death, his Home address, Photos etc. and also combine them with the spectator’s Birthday for one powerful, unforgetable and mind-blowing mentalism routine with more than 10 effects!

And You can keep this whole mentalism show in your wallet at all time everywhere!

Important points:
• Easy to master and easy to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• Nothing to hide, no strange moves

“Yet another fantastic pocket mentalism multi effects tool by Hektor!” – Trezor

“Looks so mystical, I love it!” – Nikola Radev


Price: 15 EUR

Shipping: 3 EUR  (FREE shipping with Combo pack – see Promotions)