Houdini Spirit Board

More than 10 powerful mentalism effects with a mini Spirit board (credit card size) using details of Harry Houdini’s life!

Virtual Reality is included, so the spectator can see how Harry Houdini appearing on the spirit board holding the selected card! Just put the spirit board in front of your smartphone camera and watch on the screen.

With this wonderful new prop You can:

  • read spectator’s mind
  • control their choices
  • do many different forces – cards, numbers, symbols
  • use different secret messages and features
  • combine it with deck of cards and other magic tools

You really use many real details of the Houdini’s life – his Date of Birth, Date of Death, his Home address, Photos etc. and also combine them with the spectator’s Birthday for one powerful, unforgetable and mind-blowing mentalism routine with more than 10 effects!

And You can keep this whole mentalism show in your wallet at all time everywhere!

Important points:
• Easy to master and easy to perform
• Always at hand and ready to perform
• No switches
• No electronics
• No pre setup
• Totally examinable
• Nothing to hide, no strange moves

“Yet another fantastic pocket mentalism multi effects tool by Hektor!” – Trezor

“Looks so mystical, I love it!” – Nikola Radev


Shipping: 3 EUR  (FREE shipping with Combo pack – see Promotions)


6 Responses to Houdini Spirit Board

  1. Clarence Sasso says:

    I’m in the U.S. and would like to buy the Houdini Spirit Board. How do I make the purchase?

    • Hektor says:

      If you mean the plastique spirit board (which is same size and material like credit card) you can use the PayPal button for payment on the product page.
      But if you speak about the spirit boards which are made from wood taken from Harry Houdini’s New York City house, it is only in set with pendulum and you can see more info in the product page.
      If you have any other questions or need help – you can contact me via email: hektormagic@abv.bg

    • CJ Sasso says:

      It is the plastic card that I’d like to purchase. The Houdini Spirit Board web page doesn’t show a Paypal buying option.

      • Hektor says:

        Hello. Yes, this is the mini (credit card size) spirit board which is part of the Mystery Wallet Series.
        Thank you for pointing it out that the PayPal button was hidden. Now this is fixed and all works fine.

  2. Lamar Garren says:

    Hektor: Do you expect the Houdini Spirit Board and Monster Card will be available again?

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