Promotion: International Escapology Day 2021

Today is the International Escapology Day and for the next 3 days (21-24 september 2021) I offering a special price for the Houdini Authentic Collection sets, so you can save up to 70 eur!

All sets includes items made from original wood and/or brick from the famous Harry Houdini’s New York City house, Certificate of authenticity, special props and instructions for several mentalism routines. Each set comes in a beautiful wooden box.

Here is the offer:
– Houdini Brick Pendulum: 80 eur (you save 20 eur)
– Houdini’s Legacy: 70 eur (you save 10 eur)
– Houdini House Spirit set (mini): 200 eur (you save 20 eur)

Extra bonus: if you order the Houdini Brick Pendulum you will receive also a fabric pendulum board and a metal tube case in which you can keep the pendulum always with you on your keychain. It cost 20 eur itself.
FREE worldwide shipping!

You can see more and to order from the products page of the website.

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