Houdini Pendulum

This is something incredible! An authentic piece of history which has NEVER been done before! We are so excited to present you the Houdini Pendulum. These pendulums was hand made from original oak molding from Harry Houdini’s New York City house! The original wood lath was removed from the house in April 2019 as part of renovations.

Just imagine what stories about an energy, spirits or Houdini’s mystery life and death you can add to your demonstrations with this pendulum!

Each pendulum set include:
– Houdini House Oak Pendulum;
– Certificate of authenticity;
– Specially prepared photos with marked backs hidden in the logo;
– Several routines (with written and video instructions).

If you want this incredible and very limited pendulum set – order it as soon as possible!

We can send to all buyers photos from the renovations and from which part of the Houdini’s house is the used wood. Also photos of the process of pendulums making and other interesting information!I

Price: 100 Eur, Worldwide shipping: 15 Eur





11 Responses to Houdini Pendulum

  1. Slim King says:

    Is this from the residence that Bess lived in in 1929?

    • Hektor says:

      This is from the Houdini’s house located at 278 West 113th Street New Your City, where he lived from 1904 till the year of his death 1926. Probably Bess continued to lived there after his death.
      So Harry Houdini was in touch with this wood 100 years ago and now you can have and feel it too! The wood was removed from the house in April 2019 as part of renovations and we made 10 pendulums from it few days ago.

  2. Slim King says:

    Thanks Hector .. I think i may want one .. please email me at Floridajakeblues@gmail.com

  3. Scott Koch says:

    Hi, I just ordered one from you, Just want to make sure this is legit

    • Hektor says:

      Thanks. The pendulum is authentic and the package has been shipped to you. I’ve sent you more info via messenger.

  4. Andrew Ace says:

    How do i order this? Do you get all in the kit?

  5. Pat Harrison says:

    I would really like to purchase one my email address is alicec2001@yahoo.com. How much in U.S. dollars thank you

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