Monster Card

The Monster Card is probably the best multi-effect prop ever! It is the first and the only prop of this kind which allows you to make 35 (!)  magic/mentalism effects – a whole magic show in your wallet with you at any time and everywhere!





With the Monster Card you can:
– predict selected symbols, numbers, countries, playing cards;
– force words, numbers, symbols, countries, cards in different ways;
– make incredible revelations with Augmented Reality animations;
– combine it with your deck of cards for more powerful effects!

This is the ONLY prop on the market which allows you to do 35!! (and more) effects with a single credit card.

Colors and the whole design are very carefully chosen and the Monster card is made by high quality materials same as real credit cards. The text part on the face of the credit card is with raised letters and nothing can be peeled off!

And the most important – it will have YOUR REAL NAME on it! So after the purchase, please contact me via email and inform me what name you want to be written on the card! You can order also a combo pack of two Monster Cards and on the second to be written some prediction (like: You chose the Star, Seven of Diamonds or something else even in different language) so after simple switch, you will have a surprising ending of your act!

The Manual included explanations of 35 effects but with your imagination you can make even more! There is also instructions how to install the free app and 3d camera filter for your Augmented Reality animations.

Nick Menday: “This is the best multi effect prop ever – so many effects on the one innocent looking card! The card is so realistic and superb quality. Comes with an incredibly detailed manual. The effects with this card are so varied and none are difficult to do.”

Magic Orthodoxy: “This is the Swiss army knife of magic credit cards!”

Krum Krumov – Trezor:  “Just amazing! A whole show in your wallet.” 

Important points:

  • Easy to master and even easier to perform
  • Always at hand and ready to perform
  • No pre setup
  • Totally examinable
  • Great design – looks like real credit card
  • High quality materials
  • The credit card may be presented from both sides
  • Several Augmented Reality and vide predictions included.


What you get:

– Your personal Monster Card

– Card with country list and numbers

– “Key” card with list of the features

– Download link for written and video instructions

– The “Hektor Magic” Augmented Reality app for Android OS phones

– Video predictions

– “ESP Test” Augmented Reality 3D camera effect (filter)

– Access to the private facebook group: Monster Card owners group


The Monster Card is a product of the Mystery Wallet series by Hektor. You can check also for the Mystery Calendar, Houdini Spirit Board, UniPeek and Mental Card.


The Monster Card looks like but is not a real credit card. It is a magic prop, with no magnetic stripe data contained. It should be used solely for entertainment purposes. It is not affiliated with nor endorsed by MasterCard or any other bank institution.


Price for 1 custom Monster Card: 30 Eur (5 eur shipping)



Price for set of 2 custom Monster Cards: 50 Eur (FREE shipping)



After the purchase, please contact me via email and inform me what name you want to be written on the card!