New: Houdini Spirit Board with Virtual Reality

The Houdini Spirit Board is now with included Virtual Reality! The spectator can see how Harry Houdini appearing on the spirit board holding the selected card! Just put the spirit board in front of your smartphone camera and watch on the screen.

If you already have the Houdini Spirit Board via email of facebook and I will send you instructions how to install the FREE app.

You can also become a member of the facebook secret group Magic and Mentalism by Hektor.

4 Responses to New: Houdini Spirit Board with Virtual Reality

  1. Walter E McGurn says:

    Hektor I have not seen the email with instructions for Spirit Board. Please resend or tell me what to look for.

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Walter. I was sent you the email with instructions few days ago. No problem, I will re-send it again.

  2. Walter E McGurn says:

    Hektor Thanks for Your Great Products, and Great help with My purchasing Them. I do have a question about the Spirit Board since the Mystery Calender, and the Mental Card can be saved on My computer, but does the Houdini Spirit Board have a way to save it or is that one I cannot save. This information question is based on the addresses on the envelopes of the other 2. Thanks in advance for All of Your help.

    • Hektor says:

      You can save the instructions on your computer or to download and read them on your phone.
      You can also print them if you want to.

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