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The shipping cost for each of our products is 3 EUR. But we offering you a FREE worldwide shipping for all two or three products Combo packs!

Nevertheless where you live, just choose minimum of two products from the website and your order will be delivered to your home absolutely for FREE!

6 Responses to Free shipping

  1. Walter E. McGurn Jr says:

    Is the combo including the Mystery Mental Card as one of the three? I have the Spirit Board already. Thanks in Advance for Your help.

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Walter. The Mystery Card and the Mental Card are different (I hardly recommend the Mental card which is with many improvements). You can include any two (or more) cards/products in a Combo pack at your choice. And yes, the shipping is free worldwide.

  2. Walter E. McGurn Jr says:

    I have the Spirit Card, and want to know how I get the app?

  3. Walter E McGurn says:

    Thanks Hektor now have the instructions. Just asking how long the Mental Card, and Mystery Calender should take since I have no idea when they were shipped. Thanks again in Advance folr All of Your Help.

    • Hektor says:

      Hi Walter. They was shipped few days ago. Check your email for the tracking code.
      The packages are usually delivered for about 8-12 days in Europe and 15-20 days to USA and other parts of the world.

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