Combo pack – save up to 19 EUR!

Save money with our combo pack offers!

Get 5 EUR OFF by ordering two products combo pack and 10 EUR OFF by ordering three products combo pack + FREE shipping!

The regular price of each product from the Mystery Wallet series is 15 EUR (15.95 USD), but if you order a two products combo pack the price will be 25 EUR, saving you 5 EUR!

If you order a three products combo pack, the price will be 35 EUR, saving you 10 EUR!

You get also a FREE worldwide shipping for each two or three products combo pack!

So the three products combo pack saving you 19 EUR in total!!


4 Responses to Combo pack – save up to 19 EUR!

  1. john taormino says:

    Dear Mr Hektor,
    I would like to order all 3 of your effects, Mystery Card V.2, Mystery Calendar and Houdini Spirit Board at the special price of 35 EUR. I live in Las Vegas Nevada USA. send me instructions on how to pay via credit card.
    Thank You so much, I am one of your biggest admirers!!!!
    John Taormino
    1529 Padova Drive Las Vegas Nevada 89117 USA

  2. Hektor says:

    Dear John, thanks for your message. I received your email too and you can see my reply there. Your magic package was sent today and will be at your home very soon! Enjoy!

  3. Frankie Yeo says:

    Hi Hector, I wanted to buy the 3 combo pack but there seems to be no “buy now” button for me to click.
    How do I make my purchase for V2 of the Mystery Card with Mystery Calender and Houdini Spirit Board.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    I will be paying through PayPal.

  4. Hektor says:

    Hi Frankie. Thanks for your interest. I’ve sent you an email.

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